Use your Voucher

Voucher codes with numbers only will not work here to book online.  Please call Jacki on 01347868879 to book these

To book the Beacon Alpaca walk gift voucher you have been given with 12 letters and numbers, here’s how to use it.
Select one of the Alpaca walk options below and book it. If you have a voucher for 2 adults to walk with 2 alpaca you will need to book the 1 Adult walking with 1 alpaca twice. After you have booked your walk, then click the “View Cart” button or click the Cart menu button.

Then scroll down the cart page to the Add Coupon option that looks like this.

Then enter your coupon, and click the “Apply Coupon” button, and this will deduct the price from your booking.

Then go to the checkout and book.

Alpaca Walk Options


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