Terms & Conditions

Beacon Alpaca Walks Terms & Conditions

The lead person booking each alpaca walk is responsible for, and agrees to these Terms and Conditions for all members of their group.

Full payment is taken at the time of booking either on our website booking system or by phone.   All booking are non-refundable and non-transferrable as we have a limited spaces which get booked up in advance.


If we at Beacon Alpacas cancel your booking, i.e. if the weather is too wet and windy or we deem it too dangerous to walk, we will offer you to book an alternative date or give you a voucher.  In circumstances, other than gift voucher bookings, where rearrangement is not possible, we may offer a refund for the full amount less a 30% booking fee.


Health and Safety
All alpaca walks and visits are considered to be very safe, providing you and everyone in your group, follow our instructions, guidance and advice at all times. However, ALL OUR ALPACA WALKS AND VISITS ARE UNDERTAKEN AT YOUR OWN RISK.

The Alpaca walks require a moderate level of physical capability for you and all your group to be able to participate the individual farm visits less so.  You must let us know if you or any of your group have any medical condition or impairment which may affect you on the walk.  These include, but are not limited to, visual or hearing impairement or pregnancy.  Please get in touch prior to booking if you are unsure whether to choose a walk or a farm visit.

Participants of our alpaca walks and visits must be willing to listen and take instruction prior to handling the alpacas and on the walk or visit.   Participants who do not follow our safety instructions will not be covered by our insurance policy.  Parents and guardians must instruct and remain with children in their care at all times during their walk or visit.

All Alpaca walks and visits are outdoor activities, walking over fields, uneven country footpaths and roads, involving the handling of animals.  We ask that you dress appropriately, taking the weather conditions and nature of the terrain into consideration.  If a participant arrives with inappropriate clothing or footwear for the conditions we reserve the right not to allow them the handle the animals for reasons of safety.

A refund in all these circumstances will not be available.

Age Restrictions for Children
The minimum age for children to share walking an alpaca with and a fee paying adult is 7 years old.   Babies small enough to be carried in a papoose by an adult spectator can accompany an adult walking an alpaca.  We cannot take children under 16 years old on the alpaca walks without a fee paying adult.

Sorry, dogs are not allowed on the Alpaca Walks 

All Alpaca walks and visits are subject to availability so please book as early as possible to avoid disappointment.   We suggest for the peak times of weekends and holiday periods, booking at least several weeks in advance may be required, especially for a specific date or larger group.

Beacon Alpacas reserve the right to decline a booking in the interest of safety or participant suitability, even if this only becomes apparent on arrival.  A refund will not be available in these circumstances.  

Should your group have anyone with you on the day who is not booked on your alpaca walk or visit, such as family members accompanying you or chauffeurs, they are still subject the to same Terms and Conditions and may be required to remain with their vehicle whilst you undertake your activity.

Gift Vouchers
All Alpaca walks using gift vouchers must be booked in advance and are subject to the Terms and Conditions  above.  If you have been given a voucher and are unsure of suitability to take part, please contact us prior to booking to discuss.

All vouchers are valid for a certain period and must be booked using the voucher code before the expiry date.  Gift vouchers are transferable for another person to use if the receiver cannot visit before the expiry date..

Vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash or credit.

Vouchers can be upgraded at the time of booking with any additional fee paid in advance.

Gift vouchers bookings cancelled by us due to adverse weather or other circumstances will be rearranged or reissued but can not be refunded.  

Providing good customer service and an enjoyable, positive and safe experience is our priority.   Please get in touch with any questions or queries you may have by email or phone and we will do our utmost to help.


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