Adopt an Alpaca for a year


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Adopt an Alpaca for a year –  £25

Choose the alpaca you would like to adopt for a year

Receive a certificate with a photo and the story of your alpaca

We will post regular updates and pictures on Facebook Instagram and Twitter on what antics the alpaca boys have been up to.

Didier   a sweet natured alpaca who enjoys the occasional cuddle



Red is our champion black alpaca and the herd leader of our alpaca boys and has quiet a few generations of offspring by now. He loves meeting people and eating lots of grass.



Frankel was born in 2014, he has a beautiful nut brown fleece and dad to our very special girl Hope



Pasha was born in 2013 and he is the biggest cria ever born here at Beacon Farm.



Derek – One of our friendliest alpacas on the farm he loves meeting his adoring fans



Bentley is Derek’s younger brother and likes to get up to a bit of mischief with his big brother



Indiana Jones aka Mickey Mouse when he’s sheared is a very handsome alpaca



Garvey was bottle fed when he was a cria so is very friendly and can e a bit naughty sometimes



Gabriel is Garvey’s best friend but is quite a shy boy who likes quiet life



Knight is a real ladies alpaca who loves to give kisses when asked



Kit is a very fluffy alpaca who loves eating a bit too much



Legend is literally one of our legends he likes being first on the walk



Top Dude is Garvey’s brother and they both like to compete for second place on the walk



Clayton aka Clay is super friendly and enjoys going for walks with his fans



Cosmo is a real character, loves having a roll on the road!  Cosmo enjoys rubbing shoulders with our star Vet Julian Norton who he appears with in the TV programme The Yorkshire Vet on channel 5