Agistment (Livery)

Available at certain times of the year when we have the space to offer your alpacas their own paddock.

Why agistment;

  • Something unexpected has happened and you need someone to care for your Alpacas for a few weeks.
  • You want to join this flourishing industry now but won’t have the land available for a while.
  • You’ve been offered an exciting job/project for 6 months – leave your Alpacas with us.
  • You only have a small amount of land, and want to separate your male crias, but don’t want to castrate them yet.

Agistment packages for long or short stays to suit your requirements


We offer training packages and advice to people who own alpacas or are considering buying alpacas and want to know more.

We provide husbandry training to all new owners who buy alpacas from us

Husbandry packages are available locally for help with toe trimming, vaccinations and health checks. 

Yearly shearing can be included if required

We can provide help from herd management to halter training

Whatever your requirements regarding alpacas, talk to us we may be able to help.

Caleb the Alpaca

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